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Maintenance (or Alimony)

Family Law

It has been our experience that the issue of alimony, or spousal maintenance, is becoming more prevalent in St. Charles County and surrounding area. We have litigated both sides of this unique aspect of divorce and can assist you if you find yourself faced with this issue. And while the Missouri Supreme Court has provided attorneys and divorce clients with a form for child support, there is no such form available for maintenance. Maintenance is based upon need, and the party seeking maintenance must satisfy the Court that they cannot pay their own expenses through employment or income producing property. Each case is unique and will turn upon factors such as the length of your marriage, the requesting spouse’s ability to earn a living, the requesting spouse’s reasonable monthly bills and the paying spouse’s ability to pay any maintenance. Maintenance can be limited to a specific amount for a set number of months or it can be permanent with the amount subject to future modification.

We can assist you in evaluating whether maintenance is an issue in your divorce and guide you through the process.

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