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Child Support

Family Law

Both parents are required to financially support their children. This financial obligation is most often thought of in terms of child support. If children are involved, it is likely that child support will be an issue in your case. Calculating child support is not simply a matter of plugging numbers into the child support chart provided by the Missouri Supreme Court. We understand these calculations and can show you how different factors, such as the amount of time the child spends with each parent, self employment income, health insurance, day care costs, private school, and extracurricular activities, to name a few, can impact the final amount. Child support is often paid through the State’s Family Support Division, via wage assignments or garnishments. We are familiar with all of the various child support enforcement techniques.

If your child is older, the issue of college costs may arise. Child support is payable up to the child’s twenty-first birthday, assuming certain criteria are met as the child progresses through college. We have handled many cases involving college costs and will be able to assist in making sure the correct amounts are paid without duplicating expenses.

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