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Free Credit Report

Debts, especially credit card debt, are often sold multiple times. Or, the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy filer has lost the paperwork related to a particular debt. In order to accurately complete your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Petition, we need complete information for each creditor, including a full name, address, account number and amount owed. If you cannot find the information in your files, then much of that information is available on your credit report.

Federal law gives every American yearly access to one free credit report. Follow the link below to receive your annual credit report:

Your credit report is often just one resource to use when obtaining creditor information. A credit report often does not contain all the information required to completely identify a creditor on a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Petition. If the credit report does not provide a full creditor name, address or account number, use the information provided to contact the creditor to obtain complete information.

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