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Passing Bad Checks

Most everyone has bounced a check at some point or another. Unfortunately, and perhaps due to circumstances beyond their control, more of us are unable to meet all of our bills. And either by accident, poor record keeping or with the honest intent to make good on the check, more people are writing checks that they cannot cover. It did not used to be this way, but given the increasing volume of bad checks, state and municipal court prosecutors are taking tougher positions on this offense and are issuing misdemeanor or even felony charges when a check is bounced.

Passing a bad check can carry a range of penalties. We all know that the bank can charge you overdraft fees and other miscellaneous costs. But if the amount of the check is over $500.00 it can be charged as a felony and you may be facing jail time and additional fines.

Whether the act was a matter of a simple mistake or an error in judgment, it is important to act quickly to avoid significant fines and to protect your freedom.

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