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Shoplifting is increasingly common. Similarly, theft of gasoline is increasing. In an effort to minimize loss, retailers are getting increasingly sophisticated in their efforts to stop potential shoplifters. State and municipal court prosecutors are taking tougher stances on such crimes as well. We understand that circumstances beyond your control may have lead to this mistake. Do not let that mistake, or one time lapse in judgment, create a permanent criminal record.

The O’Fallon Law Firm, LLC treats any theft or shoplifting case like any other criminal case. We will review the facts of your case and all possible defenses. We will make the prosecution prove each element of the crime. Commonly, the defense of mistake is available if you did not intend to actually steal from the retailer. The O’Fallon Law Firm, LLC will review your specific situation and protect your rights.

Do not treat a theft or shoplifting charge lightly. Depending on the value of the merchandise, this offense can be charged as a felony violation. If the value of the merchandise is $500.00 or more, you are potentially facing felony charges. If you failed to pay for gasoline, you may even face a suspension of your driving privileges. You need an experienced Missouri theft attorney working for you to ensure your rights are protected.

Please call Missouri theft attorney Doug Smith at the O’Fallon Law Firm, LLC if you are need of quality legal services.

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