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Drug Possession

Regardless if the charge is in state or municipal court, criminal charges for possession of drugs or possession of drug paraphernalia are serious. Your freedom is potentially at risk. If you plead guilty or are convicted, these charges will be on your permanent criminal record and cannot be expunged. Drug possession charges will impact your life. This type of charge can affect your ability to get a job, obtain loans, join the military, buy car insurance, or be accepted into college.

At the O’Fallon Law Firm LLC, we will treat your Missouri drug possession case seriously. We will investigate the State’s case against you. We will make the State prove the case against you. The State will have to prove every element of their case and all legal defenses will be considered.

Only if we are convinced that the State can prove its case and no legal defenses exist, will we discuss a plea bargain. In most case, the O’Fallon Law Firm, LLC can negotiate a plea bargain so that your charges are reduced to a lesser offense. Jurisdictions vary on the types of plea bargains that are available. In some Missouri drug possession case, you may have your case amended to a lesser charge and only pay a fine. In others, you may be placed on probation and be required to complete various probation requirements such as attendance at substance abuse classes and completing some community service.

Please call Missouri Drug Possession Lawyer Doug Smith at the O’Fallon Law Firm LLC if you are need of quality legal services.

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