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Credit Counseling Class

Before you can file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, you must take a credit counseling class within the six months prior to filing your case. And, subsequent to the filing your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, you must take a second credit counseling class in order to qualify for your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy discharge. After each session, you will receive a certificate of completion that confirms your attendance. This certificate is filed with the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Court.

The United States Trustee’s Office maintains a list of approved providers. You can find that list at Many of our clients have success taking the classes online and receiving their certificates of completion at

The purpose of the counseling class is to assist potential Chapter 7 Bankruptcy filers with an evaluation of their financial options. Debtor education information is meant to instruct individuals to be responsible with their finances. The education is meant for the individual to learn from his or her mistakes and never be in the position to file bankruptcy again. A debtor education course will usually provide tips in developing a budget, managing finances, using credit responsibly, and how to deal with financial emergencies.

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